Fee Report

The Fee Report provides a quick summary of total Worldpay and Passthrough (Interchange) fees associated with transactions, as well as a detailed breakdown of each fee type. The summary panel provides a snapshot of the total fees for the selected time frame and reporting group (Worldpay Fees + Passthrough Fees = Total Fees).

From the same report window, you can select whether to view transaction fees based on Activity dates or Settlement dates, and within each report, you can view each type of fee by Category, by Payment Method, or by Presenter.

If your organization is using a Monthly Billing model, see Monthly Billing and Fees in Financial Reports for information on how to interpret fee and settlement data in the Fee Report.

To access the Fee Report:

  1. From the iQ Bar, click the Financial icon and select Reconciliation Dashboard from the list of available reports, or from the Financial Navigation bar. The Fee Report displays as shown in Settlement Fee Report by Payment Method - Initial View.

  2. Select the desired view, either by Settlement Date or Activity Date.

  3. Specify the desired Date Range, Reporting Group, and Currency, then click View to refresh the page.

  4. See Notes on Reporting Group Limits for information on the report groups shown in the Reporting Group drop-down selector.

  5. Each Fee Report view (Activity or Settlement) comprises a summary panel and two sections, Worldpay Fees and Passthrough Fees. Click the desired tab within each section to change the presentation method of the granular data. Your options are:

The Fee Report is also accessible from the Activity Report, Settlement Report, and the Reconciliation Dashboard when you click a Fee amount hyperlink in the report.

iQ does not display the Passthrough Fees section of the Fee Report if your organization uses a discount pricing model. These fees are captured in the Worldpay Fees section.

If your transactions are acquired by People's Trust Canadian International, two additional fields appear in the Summary Panel: Visa Effective Merchant Discount Rate and Mastercard Effective Merchant Discount Rate. The percentage calculation in based on the following formula:

Total Visa or Matercard Fees
(passthrough and Worldpay transaction fees)
Visa or Mastercard Settlement amount

You can export data on all fees for a single settlement or activity date to a CSV file (e.g., Microsoft Excel), by clicking on the CSV Export icon () at the top of the Fee Report. Transaction-level data is available for the previous 24 months only. See Exporting Fee Data for more information.

Settlement Fee Report by Payment Method - Initial View