Financial Reports Overview

The Financial suite of reports, accessed by clicking the Financial icon from the iQ bar, includes reports that are most used for financial reconciliation, including the Reconciliation report, Activity and Settlement reports, Fee, and Reserve reports. Also included are the Trending Analytics dashboard and Direct Debit Reports (Verifications and Pending Redeposits).

Access is based upon your account permissions. Contact Customer Service for more information. When changing from one report type to another (for example, Activity Report to Settlement Report), iQ displays the new report using the same Organization, Date Range, and Currency settings as were selected in the original report.

The sections in this chapter describe each of the available reports and functions.

Notes on Reporting Group Limits

Most of the Financial reports (and many other reports in iQ) include a Reporting Group selector, which changes the focus of the report summary panel and the top level of the hierarchy shown in the By Reporting Group tab of the granular data frame (if applicable). The selections available in the Reporting Group selector represent the value(s) of the reportGroup attribute submitted with cnpAPI transactions. In some cases, iQ may not show all of your report groups.

If you do not see the desired report group when using the Reporting Group selector, and you have more than 100 report groups in your organization, your merchant identifier (MID) number may appear as a single selection for all report groups over the limit.