Managing Chargebacks

Working a chargeback case is potentially a two-step process. First, if applicable, you attach relevant support documents to prove that an order was requested and delivered to a customer. After uploading any documentation, you move the case to next appropriate queue, as described in Responding to a Case, and Responding to a Visa Case . This section provides information on managing these steps and contains the following information:

For additional information on the chargeback process, see the Worldpay eComm Chargeback Process Guide. Gaining an understanding of the chargeback process assists you in making an informed decision on which chargebacks to dispute and how to do so successfully.

Determining Whether to Dispute a Chargeback

When determining whether to dispute a chargeback, consider the following:

  • Response Reason Code and your ability to provide required supporting documentation (e.g. signed proof of delivery, AVS response, etc.)

  • Historical Win Percentage (see Understanding the Historical Win Percentage for more information).

  • Cost to represent versus chargeback acceptance.

These will further assist you in maximizing representment win rates. Please refer to the Mastercard, Visa, and Discover Chargeback Reason Code Dispute Requirements document originally provided, or contact your Chargeback Analyst at 844-843-6111, ext. 4, or, for additional information.