Customise look and feel | Specify menus and fields

Specify menus and fields

You can customise the Hosted Payment Pages by hiding or displaying menus and customer detail fields. You can also decide whether to display the 'Powered by Worldpay' logo on the payment pages. The settings for menus, fields and the Worldpay logo apply to one installation ID.

You can select settings for the menus, fields and the Worldpay logo using the Payment Page Designer. For more information, see Payment Page Designer.

Language and country lists

You can hide or display the following menus:

Language list

Displays a list of languages on the payment pages.

The default language for the payment pages is English. When you display the language list, your customer can select their desired language. When a language other than English is selected, the text for the Hosted Payment Pages is translated as follows:

  • The text that we provide is shown in the selected language. This includes user interface text, message text and default result message text.
  • The text that you provide in the order description and order content is not translated.

Default setting: Hide language list.

Note: You can also override the default language by appending a language parameter to the URL that we send you. For more information, see Specify parameters.

Country list

Displays a list of countries on the payment pages.

The country selected by your customer determines the payment methods that are displayed.

Default setting: Hide country list.

Customer detail fields

If you collect your customers' shipping and billing addresses or their contact details on your website, you can decide to show or hide these fields on the Hosted Payment Pages. For the details that you decide to show, you can also opt to make them editable or read-only. The following fields are affected:

Customer detail fields
Type of information Default value
Shipping address Hide
Billing address Hide
Contact details - email address and telephone number Hide

For each type of information, you can specify one of the following customisation values:


Pre-populates the information on the payment pages. The information is read-only.

Note: If you opt to show information but do not provide it in your order, an error message is displayed to your customer. The error message contains a reference number and advises your customer to contact you.


Pre-populates the information on the payment pages. The information is editable.

Note: If you receive notifications from us about your payments, they will not contain information about changes that customers make to customer detail fields.

Hide The information is not displayed on the payment pages.

Powered by Worldpay logo

While content is being displayed on a payment page, we display a 'Powered by Worldpay' logo.

The 'Powered by Worldpay' logo is enabled by default. To hide the logo, in the Payment Page Designer, go to Edit Payment Pages > Properties > Edit page features and set Show Powered by Worldpay to False.

Powered by Worldpay logo and animation

Powered by Worldpay logo