Technical guides and resources for Corporate merchants integrating with our XML API.

Explains how to integrate to the Worldwide Payment Gateway. Describes how to add authentication, modify orders, set up notifications, and add industry-specific data. Also explains how to connect Client Side Encryption and Tokenisation.

Explains how to accept and process payments using the alternative payment methods (APMs) supported on the Worldwide Payment Gateway.

Defines the rules for structuring XML order requests that you submit to the Worldpay Payment Service for processing.

See or download the file.

Describes how to integrate with the Hosted Payment Pages, our responsive, customisable payment pages. Covers payment page flows and submitting orders using Hosted integration.

Describes how to integrate your payment systems with ours so that you can take payments in Latin America, and explains what you need in order to do so.

Explains how to integrate with and use the Account Updater Service for PAN and Order enquiries.


For non-technical articles and guides relating to your integration, see Support.