Integration steps | Go-live checklist

Go-live checklist

Ensure integration is correct by completing the following successful end-to-end tests on HPP, via the secure test environment:

  1. Payment method availability

  2. You should test all required payment methods at least once.

  3. Browser and device support

  4. Ensure you have tested sufficiently on desktops, tablets and smart phones. This is specifically relevant if you have uploaded customised pages.

  5. Customisation

  6. Make sure any changes to customisation made within Payment Page Designer are published to production on all required installation IDs (if applicable).

  7. Compliance

    Check that your Compliance obligations have been satisfied.

  8. Risk Guardian is tested across all intended payment methods (if applicable)*

*Risk Guardian is a value added Worldpay risk product. Testing of Risk Guardian is only applicable if this product is being used.