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In-app payments

A native app is an app developed for a single mobile platform and installed directly onto the device.

You can download native apps from the marketplace of choice for that platform. For example, iOS devices use the Apple App Store, and Android devices mainly access Google Play for their app downloads.

The Worldpay Hosted Payment Pages (HPPs) are optimised for use across devices due to their responsive design capabilities. HPPs also continue to provide a secure channel when deployed within a mobile application environment.

There are a few approaches you can use to render payment pages in a native mobile application. The best approach to provide a true native experience, is to render the payment pages within a ‘webview’ embedded in a native mobile application.

You can also configure the payment pages to replicate the look and feel of your brand and mobile application. This provides customers with the impression that they have not been redirected elsewhere. For more information, see Customise look and feel.

Use a webview in a native mobile application

Use a ‘webview’ to display web pages as a part of your activity layout in a native app.

A webview does not include any features of a fully developed web browser, such as navigation controls or an address bar. By default, a webview has limited functionality - it shows a web page with a native app.

For further guidance on ‘webview’ across popular mobile platforms, see these links:

  • Android -

  • iOS -

There are two types of HPP integration that a webview can support to provide a native application experience:

  • Standard (full page redirect) - Recommended for the best experience

  • Embedded (iframe only)

iframe considerations

To provide the best experience for your shoppers, we recommend:

  • Use WKWebView

When iOS was originally created the way you rendered websites in app was through a UIWebView. Since iOS8 there is a new WKWebView technology, which is much faster and based on the Web Kit engine.

  • Restrict app use to iOS version 8 and above so WKWebView technology can be incorporated

It is possible to restrict apps in the App Store to a particular minimum iOS version. According to statistics from Apple 97% (as of 15th August 2016) of devices are using IOS version 8 or above.

iframe implementation options

If iframe is your implementation approach, here are some options for framing HPP in a mobile application:

Native app example payment flow

This example demonstrates HPPs being rendered using the standard (full page redirect) integration type within a ‘webview.'