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eCommerce platform plug-ins

To improve the ease and effectiveness of your integration with Worldpay, you can take advantage of plug-ins from our eCommerce platform partners.

A plug-in can give you access to our best-in-class payment service. We work with our platform partners to ensure that plug-ins are maintained and secure.

Using a plug-in can help you:

  • Reduce implementation time.
  • Save on development and implementation costs.
  • Reduce project work.
  • Speed up adoption of new Worldpay features.

The following eCommerce platform partners provide plug-ins that support the Hosted Payment Pages:

eCommerce platforms partners providing plug-ins
eCommerce platform Plug-in versions Integration types supported
demandware V15.9 and above Full-page redirect, iframe and lightbox
SAP Hybris V5.7 and above Full-page redirect, iframe and lightbox
V1.9 and above Full-page redirect
Oracle Commerce V11 and above Full-page redirect, iframe

For a complete list of Worldpay partners, see