Getting started

Getting started

To get started, make sure you have an account and that it is set up for the Hosted Payment Pages. Then follow the integration steps.

Prerequisites for using the Hosted Payment Pages

Before you use the Hosted Payment Pages:

  • You must have an account with us. To get an account, contact your Relationship Manager or Corporate Support.
  • For a new or existing account, we will:
    • Enable your account for the Hosted Payment Pages.
    • Create an installation ID.
      You must include the installation ID in each XML order request. With an installation ID, you'll be able to customise the look and feel of the payment pages. You can have more than one installation ID. For more information about submitting orders, see Plan your order submission.
  • You must use our XML Redirect model to submit orders. With the XML Redirect model, we collect and store your customers' payment details, eliminating your need to handle this sensitive data. For more information, see Hosted Integration in the Worldwide Payment Gateway Integration Guide.

Latin America payments

Payments can be taken in the Latin America (LATAM) region through the Hosted Payment Pages. If you wish to take payments in the LATAM region, be aware that your payment page must be able to capture additional shopper information, such as the CPF/CPNJ field (Brazil only), or the instalment amount. Our Hosted Payment Pages do this on your behalf.

For a list of countries in the LATAM region that you can accept payments in, and for a breakdown of the fields that need to be captured, see the Hosted Payment Pages section of the LATAM Integration Guide.

Skills needed

To help your integration go smoothly, you need the following skills and knowledge:

  • An understanding of the payment flow for the Worldpay XML Redirect model. For more information, see Hosted Integration in the Worldwide Payment Gateway Integration Guide.
  • XML programming skills.
  • Knowledge of HTTPS.
  • A basic understanding of the typical uses of JavaScript and iframe.
  • If you are customising the payment pages, you should understand how to use cascading style sheets (CSS) to style HTML elements.

If you are integrating using an iframe or lightbox, you should also have the following skills and knowledge:

  • A background in web development.
  • JavaScript programming skills.

More help?

You may find the following guides helpful:

To find out more, get in touch with your Relationship Manager or: