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About testing

With our test environment you can simulate card and alternative payment method flows, and the outcome of the transaction and verification processes (such as 3D Secure authentication).

Test Scenarios

Here's a set of basic scenarios we recommend you begin with. Use the test card numbers and enter the magic values on the payment page.

Scenario Magic Value Outcome
Authorisation - Success without 3D Secure Cardholder name = AUTHORISED Worldpay will simulate an AUTHORISED response. In this scenario you should advise the shopper their transaction was processed successfully and proceed with any post processing activities. Note that Cardholder name is not an element in Hosted - rather, it's just a term on the payment page where the response is displayed.
Authorisation - Failure Cardholder name = REFUSED Worldpay will simulate a REFUSED response. In this scenario you should advise the shopper their transaction was declined and advise them to check their payment details, try again or use an alternative means of payment to complete their purchase.
Authorisation - Error Cardholder name = ERROR Worldpay will simulate an ERROR response. In this scenario you should advise the shopper that an error occurred processing their transaction, no funds have been debited and they should try again.

Differences between test and production


In the test environment there are no connections to the financial institutions to process a transaction and so there will be no transfer  of funds. This means that it’s not possible to simulate settlement to your nominated bank account, or the billing and invoicing processes.

Worldpay fraud detection services

If you are using Worldpay fraud detection services these will score your test transactions based on a number of different metrics. This could lead to your test transactions being blocked, which can generally be avoided by varying the transaction details such as card number and billing address. If your transactions still get blocked, check the payment details in the MAI and adjust your risk scores accordingly.

Payment methods

In the test environment a number of payment methods are made available by default, which might not be relevant to your setup in production. If you have any questions on the payment methods that you will have access to in production, contact your Implementation or Relationship Manager.

There are certain aspects of the transaction life cycle in the test environment which differ from production, in particular timing between events (so you can complete testing as quickly as possible).


Please consult your Implementation Manager or Corporate Support contact for assistance in testing reporting.

Stress Testing

The test environment supports five transactions per second (TPS), and must not be used for stress testing.

Source parameter

In the Live environment, we provide you a source parameter in the URL, which we don't in the Sandbox environment. Please keep this value as it is mandatory.

Warning:  If you remove the source parameter in the Live environment, the shopper is displayed an error and cannot complete the payment.

Simulators and magic values

We provide simulators and test card numbers that allow for the outcome of a transaction to be simulated, for both cards and alternative payment methods. These simulators can be activated or bypassed using “magic values”, which we cover in Test Values.

Before moving into production you can use these simulators to test:

  • 3D Secure – to simulate the 3D secure process and all possible outcomes for AMEX, JCB, Maestro, Mastercard and Visa

  • Alternative payment methods – to simulate all payment outcomes of any alternative payment methods you're integrating

Depending on the configuration of Worldpay fraud detection services, certain AVS, AAV and CVC responses might result in a post-authorisation decline (CANCELLED as opposed to REFUSED).

Checking your results

To see your test results you can use notifications or inquiries. You can also use the test version of the Merchant Administration Interface (MAI) to view the status of test payments and to push payments through the payment cycle at an accelerated pace. Only payments created in test are viewable in the test MAI.

The URL for the test MAI is

The MAI guide is here.

Payment Requests