Prohibited merchant categories

BillDesk do not support the following merchant categories:

Casinos' and gambling equipment, including "junknet operators" that arrange gambling tours
Race betting (car or animal)
Military arms, firearms and ammunitions
Political candidates or political organisations
Pornography - Goods and stores; companion and escort services; dating and matchmaking services; online adult memberships; adult book stores; adult telephone conversations
Lotteries and raffles
Replica merchandise
Tobacco and 'cigars'
Mining, oil drilling and refining
Credit repair companies
Fund raising by political parties
Plantation companies
Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFC) such as money changers, remittance services, money transmitters, cheque cashing business; currency exchange, financing or investment companies.
Alcohol and wine shops
Remote desktop merchants
File share merchants
Pharmacies and medicines

Note:  Additional prohibited categories exist for EMI because EMI is provided by a number of banks for a number of transaction values. The restricted categories list can be amended by BillDesk, without notice and at any time.

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