Payment Card Schemes such as MasterCard and Visa have a responsibility to make sure merchants have protection in place to deter hackers and criminals.

If you are not compliant to the relevant Data Security Standards you will be responsible for any losses through fraud, and may also face considerable fines. Your customers will also suffer if their card details are compromised. Your business reputation will suffer as a result.

Taking responsibility for Data Security Standard compliance forms part of your merchant Terms & Conditions.

Merchant Agent Registration

Do you have a third party service provider (other than WorldPay) who assist you with storing, processing or transmitting of payments? It is your responsibility to ensure that the third parties handle transaction data securely in accordance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

If you use a web host, shopping cart provider, hosted e-commerce payment page or outsource any payment function to an entity that stores, processes or transmits card data, you should ensure that they are validated and registered with the Card Schemes.

To help you control these risks, Visa Europe has launched a new searchable online list of registered service providers (merchant agents) at

Please encourage your merchant agents to register on the Visa Europe portal by 31st December 2012. If your merchant agents are not listed on this website it may impact your ability to accept Visa Cards.

WorldPay and other acquirers do not have to register on the Visa Europe portal as we are member agents of Visa Europe. Details of our being a compliant third party service provider can be found on the MasterCard compliant service providers list: