Delaying Payment

When a payment is due, we will try to debit a payment on three consecutive days. If all three attempts fail, no further attempts will be made until you instruct our system to re-try. However, if the online store you set the agreement up with does not receive a payment that is due, they could cancel your agreement or withdraw the goods or services you are paying for. If you believe a payment will be delayed, please contact the online store.

To instruct our system to take payment (for example, as soon as you know you have sufficient funds in your account):

  1. Log in to the Shopper Management System. For more information on logging in, refer to Log in to the Shopper Management System.

    The Recurring Payments (FuturePay) Shopper Home page is displayed.

  2. Under the Agreement ID column, select the hypertext displaying the Agreement ID you want a payment to be taken for.

    The Recurring Payments (FuturePay) Agreement Details page is displayed. Select the Retry button (note that this button is displayed only if Worldpay have already had three unsuccessful attempts to take payment).

Once you have done this, Worldpay will attempt to debit payment within 24 hours.

If you have any queries, please contact the merchant you shopped with.

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