The Scheduled Secure Reports (SSR) service is an automated service designed to create one or more predefined reports and make them available in your merchant FTP account for retrieval. This service provides the following benefits:

  • Security – reports are delivered through secure FTP, minimizing the risk of data compromise. The report FTP account is unique and distinct from your transaction processing FTP account, improving access control to your reporting data.

  • Flexibility – reports are accessible in your secure FTP directory for up to thirty days.

  • Reliability – Built-in features automatically detect if a scheduled report did not run on time, allowing us to address delivery issues promptly.

  • Accuracy – scheduled reports are consistent with reports available in the iQ reporting system.

  • Evolution – new fields added to scheduled reports are included automatically, providing the most complete and valuable data set that we offer. Any new field will be appended to the end of each data set to avoid disruption to automated parsing mechanisms.