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About Ticket Premium

Ticket Premium is a prepaid card that shoppers can use to make online payments. A shopper can buy a Ticket Premium card offline, for example from a newsagent, and then use it to make payments online.

Note:  Ticket Premium and Ticket Surf are two different APMs offered by Ticket Surf International (TSI).

  • Ticket Premium is used by shoppers over 18s. Shoppers can use this APM to make payments for a wide variety of goods and services, including gambling. This APM is supported by the Worldpay Payment service.
  • Ticket Surf is used by shoppers from younger age groups. This APM is currently not supported by the Worldpay Payment service.

To make a payment by using this method:

  1. On the payment page, the shopper selects the Ticket Premium payment method.

    The shopper is redirected to the Ticket Premium website.

  2. The shopper completes the payment on the Ticket Premium website.

Payment method properties

The properties for this payment method are described in the following table.

Property Description/ Value

Payment Type

Pre-pay card



Acceptance Currency and Preferred Currency


Settlement to Worldpay Currency


Minimum Amount for a Single Transaction


Maximum Amount for a Single Transaction

5,000 EUR

Direct Refunds (Yes/No)


Chargebacks (Yes/No)

No. All payments are guaranteed and there is no risk of chargeback to merchants.

Payment Method Mask


statementNarrative (Yes/No)


Ticket Premium: Example XML order