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About Hal-Cash

Hal-Cash is an online bank transfer payment service operated by Telepay in Spain. This payment method is used by over 20 million shoppers in Spain. When shopping online, the shopper is provided with a unique purchase code, which the shopper can use to make the payment online or by using mobile banking.

Note:  Transaction amounts must be in multiples of 10 EUR.

Payment method properties

The properties for this payment method are described in the following table.

Property Description/ Value

Payment Type

Online bank transfer



Acceptance Currency


Settlement to Worldpay Currency


Minimum Amount for a Single Transaction

10 EUR

Maximum Amount for a Single Transaction

600 EUR

Direct Refunds (Yes/No)


Chargebacks (Yes/No)

No. All payments are guaranteed and there is no risk of chargeback to merchants.

Payment Method Mask


statementNarrative (Yes/No)