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About Boleto Bancário

Boleto Bancário is a post-payment service that allows a shopper to pay for online services over the counter at any supporting outlet in Brazil, or through internet banking. Boleto Bancário is a popular choice for e-commerce payments in Brazil, where a significant number of people don't have a bank account.

A shopper doesn't need an account with Boleto Bancário to make payments with this method. But the shopper does need one of the following:

  • A valid 11-digit CPF number (CPF stands for Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas; literally the Natural Persons Register). The Brazilian tax authorities give the CPF number, which is a unique identifier, to people resident in Brazil (both Brazilians and foreigners resident in the country). The number uniquely identifies that person to the tax authorities.


  • A valid 14-digit CNPJ number (CNPJ stands for Cadastro Nacional de Pessoas Jurídicas, literally the National Register of Legal Entities). The Brazilian tax authorities give a CNPJ number, which is a unique identifier, to companies registered in Brazil. The number uniquely identifies that company to the tax authorities. It is similar to the CPF but applies to companies rather than individuals.
Option Notes Country Authorisation


Always offered.  The voucher must be paid at a supporting outlet.  The shopper must settle the exact amount on the voucher, and must pay by cash (no cheques allowed).



Internet Banking

Always offered.  Boleto Bancário supports most major Brazilian banks.


Delayed.  The delay could be a few hours if the transfer is made during business hours. The delay is longer if the transfer is made outside business hours or at the weekend.

Control the shopper payment window

The payment 'window' is the length of time a shopper has to complete the payment. You can control how long the shopper has to complete the payment to fit the needs of your business. For example, if you have inventory that you can only hold for a short time.

The default shopper payment window gives shoppers 10 days to complete their payment. The 10 day period starts at the moment the shopper views the Boleto Bancário voucher on their screen.

If you want, we can reduce the 10 day payment window to a shorter period; the minimum period is 1 day. Please contact Worldpay Support or your Relationship Manager (RM) if you'd like to do this. The timeout works as follows:

  • The voucher shows an expiry date which equals the date the voucher is generated (Brazil time) plus the number of days you specify. See picture below:

  • After the date shown (Brazil time) the shopper cannot pay the voucher.

There may be an additional delay in receiving the authorisation from the bank. For example, if the shopper pays the voucher on day 9 (within the 10 day expiry period), it's possible that you, the merchant, won't get a notification until day 11, which is outside the expiry period.

Shopper journey overview

To use this payment method, shoppers do the following:

  1. On the payment page, the shopper selects the Boleto Bancário method.

  2. The shopper enters their name, address and CPF number (or CNPJ for companies). The shopper clicks SUBMIT and is redirected over to the provider pages.

  3. On the provider pages, the shopper can opt to:

    • Pay by Internet banking, using the Boleto reference that is on the voucher that appears on the screen. The shopper copies down the voucher number, logs into their Internet bank and use the voucher number to make the Boleto payment.
    • Print the payment voucher and go to a shop to pay it. The shop scans the barcode and take the shopper’s cash.

Note:  The screenshots below are provided for guidance purposes only and are correct as of July 2016. Worldpay and the provider may change the wording and layout of the screens at any time.

Data-capture page

Payment voucher

Payment method properties

The properties for this payment method are in the table below:

Property Description

Payment Type

Post-pay voucher



Acceptance Currencies


Settlement to Worldpay Currency


Preferred Currency


Minimum Amount for a Single Transaction

20 BRL

Maximum Amount for a Single Transaction

6,400 BRL

Direct Refunds (Yes/No)


Bank Transfer Refunds (Yes/No)

Yes. See the Refunds Capability Table for details.

Chargebacks (Yes/No)


Payment Method Mask


Supported Languages


Statement Narrative


Dynamic Descriptor


Payment Traceability


Direct Model (Yes/No)


Redirect Model (yes/No)


Sandbox (Yes/No)


Service Level



No gambling activities

Note:  Boleto Bancario payments are guaranteed. Very occasionally (< 0.01% of transactions) some payments may not be settled for a variety of reasons.

Payment timetable

After a shopper makes a payment, the payment status is likely to change according to the following table.

Action Delay Payment status Notes

Shopper chooses the payment method.



The payment is created in the SHOPPER _REDIRECTED status.

Shopper makes the payment at an outlet or via his bank.

n days


The shopper must make the payment within five days. However, a voucher presented after this deadline might still be accepted.

Bank/PSP authorises the payment.

1 - 3 days


The payments is authorised within 2 working days of the shopper paying

The Worldpay Payment Service captures the payment.

Less than 1 hour



The Worldpay Payment Service clears and settles this payment internally.

5 days



The Worldpay Payment Service settles the payment to you.

n days


The settlement to you occurs according to your settlement cycle.

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