Configuring your installation to accept a dynamic payment response

When you have included the dynamic url variable into the code that generates your purchase tokens, you will need to change your installation to accept this variable.

To change the payment response URL to accept the dynamic url variable:

1.       Log in to the Merchant Interface.

2.       Select Installations from the left hand navigation.

3.       Choose an installation and select the Integration Setup button for either the TEST or PRODUCTION environment.

4.       Check the Enable Payment Response checkbox.

5.       Enter a WPDISPLAY ITEM tag which includes the dynamic url variable, for example <wpdisplay item=MC_callback>, into the Payment Response URL input field.

6.       Select the Save Changes button.

To ensure that the dynamic payment response feature always sends you a Payment Message, we recommend that you change the payment response URL to include a -ppe modifier and empty property, for example:

<wpdisplay item=MC_callback-ppe empty="">

This will then send the Payment Message to the default URL stated in the empty property, unless we receive a payment response URL from the purchase token.