Page description - editing the header and footer directly

You can use your own HTML code to display the header or footer areas of the Payment Service pages (this will replace our supplied defaults). To do this, use the Header/Footer Edit box within the Payment Page editor.

Alternatively, if you want to make small changes to our supplied default header and footer files, please refer to Modifying The Header And Footer Installation Files in the Customising Guide (Advanced).

To create your own header/footer:

1.      From the Edit Header Or Footer directly section, select Edit Header or Edit Footer. The Edit window will open showing your choice, either the header.html or the footer.html file.

2.      Enter your HTML code directly into the Edit window. For example, you could copy and paste code from the supplied default header/footer files and then customise this code.
Please ensure that you include any essential html tags, such as, <body> in the header and </body> in the footer.

3.      Select Save File. The file containing your changes will be added to your installation: a file called header.html for the header and footer.html for the footer. The contents of the files are used to build the header/footer area of your Payment Service pages.

The header and footer files are embedded in the beginning and end of the same Payment Service pages. This means that if you change the HTML code in the header (for example, by adding a table tag), you will need to update the code in the footer accordingly, to ensure that the footer includes the required corresponding HTML code (such as, to close the table tag).

The same applies when making changes to HTML code to the footer: check that the corresponding code in the header is updated accordingly.

Working with headers and footers

Please consider the following comments before you begin working with the header and footer areas.

.../i/<installation id>/<file name>

<img src="/i/1234/logoA.gif" align=right>

.../i/<WPDISPLAY ITEM='instId'>/<file name>

<img src="/i/<WPDISPLAY ITEM='instId'>/logoA.gif" align=right>

CAUTION: Avoid using the header and footer to open or reference forms, as this can cause errors within your Worldpay payment service.

Example header

Start with a body tag which can then be followed by anything else you wish to include. For example:

<body bgcolor="aaaa44">
<img src="/i/1234/logoA.gif" align=right>
<h1>My Company Ltd.</h1>
<br clear=all>

Example footer

End your entry with a closing body tag, preceded by anything you wish to include. For example:

<img src="/i/1234/baseline.gif">