The structure of the Result pages

Some of the HTML files used to construct the Result pages are common to the other Payment Service pages as shown in the table below.


Affects these pages



Payment Selection page
Payment page
Result pages

To add meta data including style sheet links, in between the  Payment Service  <head> tags.


To add additional style elements to the default inline style sheet for the Payment Service pages.


To add text and images to the header section of the Payment Service pages.


To add text and images to the footer section of the Payment Service pages.


resultY page

To customise the 'Successful' payment Result page.


resultC page

To customise the 'Cancelled' payment Result page.

TIP: Although you can download and modify our default versions of the Result Page files, they do include complex tags. Accordingly, we recommend that you begin by creating simple versions, rather than modifying the code used in our default versions.

Result pages construction

The Result pages are constructed as follows. Note that they include a mandatory banner area, this banner displays information that we must convey to the shopper.

(our logo)


(controls the three images: our logo and the Co-Brand and Side Column images)


Standard WorldPay Banner
(contains information that we must convey to the shopper)


Building Result pages

As the Result pages need only to include our standard banner you can remove the Header and Footer areas from your Result page files, as shown below:

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">

This will produce a Result page similar to the following example.

Example - resultY page

The figure below is an example of a basic successful Result page.

Figure: Layout of the successful (resultY.html) page - with banner only

You can easily add other HTML content by including files already within an installation, such as your current header.html and footer.html files. These can be the default versions we supply, or your own customised versions. For example, to include the current header.html file into a Result page, you would need to add the following code at the point where you wanted the header to appear:

<WPDISPLAY FILE=header.html>

If you view the result pages in a browser, they will appear to contain lots of errors - this is normal.