Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains select common questions related to Dynamic Payout daily operations.

What is the maximum number of instructions I can submit in a single Batch?

In general, you should keep the following recommendations and rules in mind when determining the number of transactions you submit in an Session/Batch file:

  • A Batch should not exceed 20,000 transactions. If the number of transaction for a single merchant exceeds 20,000, you should create multiple batches for the same merchant, each batch containing not more than 20,000 transactions.

  • A Batch should not contain only one transaction, unless the merchant has only one transaction for the day.

  • A Session file must never contain more than 9,999 Batches.

  • A Session file must never contain more than 1,000,000 transactions across all Batches.

  • Always allow sufficient time between your submission time and your cut-off time for the processing of the Session. Larger files take longer to process.

What is the maximum dollar limit of transaction(s) I can submit in a single batch?

There is no actual maximum dollar limit of transactions in a single batch, but you are limited to $99,999,999.99 per transaction type. For example, you could submit a quantity of payFacCredits amounting to $99,999,999.99 AND a number of submerchantCredits amounting to $99,999,999.99 in the same batch. You can submit up to 9,999 Batches in a single session file, as long as you do not exceed 1,000,000 transactions across all batches. We recommend that you track and split your batches to stay below these thresholds.

What happens if either my Settlement account does not have sufficient available balance to cover the funding instructions or one of the Batches has an over balance issue? Do you reject the Batch?

No. Worldpay performs a front-end check on each Funding Instruction within a Batch, as well as Online instructions, verifying sufficient account balances to cover the money movement from each account. If the system detects insufficient funds in any account impacted by the a funding instruction, Worldpay rejects the individual Online instruction or any individual instruction from the Batch that would result in a negative balance. The returned error message provides information about the account lacking funds. For examples of this situation, see Appendix D of the Worldpay cnpAPI Reference Guide, cnpAPI v12.1 and later.

To avoid possible account balance verification issues, we recommend you submit debit transactions first, in a separate Session file from the credit transactions.

Also, keep in mind that the system may not handle transactions within a Batch sequentially. This is likewise true for Batches within a Session, but we do handle Session files in the order sent. To guarantee sequential handling of Batch files, you must submit the Batch individually in Session files.

Do you perform dupe checks on funding instructions?

Dupe checking for funding instructions takes place at the batch level. That is, batches submitted and accepted on the same day with the same totals and counts will fail dupe checking and be rejected. If you resubmit a previously rejected batch, it will not fail dupe checking, because the initial submission was not accepted, it is not included in dupe checking comparisons. If you believe we rejected a batch in error, please contact your Partner Account Manager, as the dupe check feature can be disabled for a particular batch, if necessary.

Is there a way to void a submitted funding instruction?

For U.S. only; void transactions are not applicable for Canadian Dynamic Payout merchants.

You can use the Funding Instruction Void transaction type to void/remove a designated instruction from a submitted batch of instructions provided the following conditions are met:

  • Submit the Funding Instruction Void transaction prior to your cut-off time.

  • The funding instruction you wish to void must be in a Funding Instruction Batch submitted the same day as the void. This rule also applies to weekends.

For example, if your cut-off time is 6:00 PM and you submit a batch of funding instructions at 2:00 PM, you have until 6:00 PM to submit <fundingInstructionVoid> transaction(s) to remove one or more of the submitted funding instructions submitted in the original batch. If you are using Same Day Funding, you must submit a void prior to the first 11:00 AM ET cut-off. If you miss the 11:00 AM ET cut-off for the file being processed, or submit the instruction(s) after 11:00 AM ET and before 12:30 PM ET, you can still submit the Void instruction prior to 12:30 PM ET, the final cut-off time.

When you issue a Funding Instruction Void, allow 30 minutes for the system to add the amount of the void back to your Settlement Account. You can not void a Fast Access Funding Instruction.

For additional information about other cnpAPI elements, as well as the structure and submission of Batch files, please refer to the latest version of the Worldpay cnpAPI Reference Guide.

How do you calculate my available balance when executing funding instructions?

When you submit a set of funding instructions, we calculate your available balance as PayFac Settlement Account current balance + Reserve Debits (from funding instructions). The total funding instruction credits must be less than your calculated available balance for us to execute the submitted instructions. See the examples below.

Example: Instruction Batch that Passes Front-End Checks

  • Current balance of FBO Settlement Account = $300

  • Current balance of Reserve Account = $300

  • PayFac Credits (FIPC) = $100

  • Sub-merchant Credits (FISC) = $300

  • Sub-merchant Debits (FISD) = $300

  • Reserve Debits (FIRD) = $200


$100 (FIPC) + $300 (FISC) = $400 total credits

$300 (Current Balance) + $200 (FIRD) = $500 available balance

$400 total credits <= $500 available balance

Example: Instruction Batch that Fails Front-End Checks

  • Current balance of Settlement Account = $300

  • Current balance of Reserve Account = $300

  • PayFac Credits (FIPC) = $100

  • Sub-merchant Credits (FISC) = $300

  • Sub-merchant Debits (FISD) = $300


$100 (FIPC) + $300 (FISC) = $400 total credits

$300 (Current Balance) = $300 available balance

$400 total credits > $300 available balance


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