Determine the Correct Pay-Out Amounts

How much do you owe your merchants? How much is your organization owed?

Use our Scheduled Secure Report (SSR) service and your internal reports to conduct a fiscal reconciliation and help determine the amount you’ll be paying your sub-merchants and your organization.

There are two methods for retrieving scheduled reports. With the appropriate permissions, you can access your FTP directory, or you can download them from the list of available reports in the Scheduled Reports section accessed on the iQ Home Page. Once created, most reports are available in your sFTP account for seven (7) days. NoC (Notice of Change) reports are only available for one (1) day.

To ensure continued delivery of reports, please ensure at least two iQ users under your organization are subscribed to each Scheduled Secure Report.

If processing on eCommerce platform, use the following reports, currently available via the SSR system. When using the Dynamic Payout feature, these reports are available on the My Reports tab (if you subscribe to them), and the Shared Reports tab (if your organization subscribes to them).

Availability and visibility of reports in iQ is based on your geographical merchant ID (U.S. or Canada). Some reports are only available to U.S. or only available to Canadian merchants.

Contact your Relationship or Activation Manager for information on subscribing to these reports:

  • Funding Reject Report by ACH Return Date (U.S. only) - contains data about failures to transfer funds to Sub-merchant accounts. The report is produced daily.

  • Dynamic Payout Reject Report by EFT Return Date (Canada only) - contains data about failures to transfer funds to Sub-merchant accounts. The report is produced daily (based on Canadian business days).

  • NoC Report by ACH Return Date (U.S. only) - contains Notice of Change (NoC) data detailing changes in Sub-merchants accounts discovered during funds transfer operations. The report is produced daily and removed after 24 hours.

  • Dynamic Payout Wallet Projected Available Balance Report (US and Canada) - provides an accurate account of the funds available for additional Funding Instructions in your Settlement and Reserve accounts. The report is produced multiple times a day, beginning at 4:00 AM ET. See About the Dynamic Payout Wallet Projected Available Balance Report for additional information.

  • Dynamic Payout Held Funding Instructions Report (U.S. only) - contains data about instructions initially held after an FIS Compliance review. The report is run hourly and held instructions are only shown for 14 days after being released.

  • PayFac Tax ID Mismatch Report - contains data about Legal Entity Tax Identification Numbers validation failures. The report is produced daily.

  • Funding Instruction Confirmation Report (US and Canada) - provides data about all settled funding instructions from the previous day.

  • Dynamic Payout FBO Settlement Balance Report (US and Canada) - reports the starting balance in the PayFac account and all activities completed for the previous settlement day in the Settlement account. Use this report to determine when the bank settled activities processed on our system as well as start- and end-of-day balances.

  • Dynamic Payout Canadian Internal Declines Report (Canada only) - contains detailed information about all Funding Instructions declined by Worldpay along with the reason code and message. We generate this report daily with information from the previous processing date.

In addition to the required reports listed above, there are many other reports available via SSR that you can use to track transactional data, chargebacks, and to assist in reconciliation operations. See Scheduled Secure Reports (SSR) for a complete listing. Note that if you are processing on Worldpay Enterprise systems (ISO 610, 8583, or Express), use the eMAF file for transaction reconciliation.

PayFac Clients Boarded on Worldpay Core

Reporting for PayFac clients that have sub-merchants boarded on the Worldpay Core platform--and their net settled sales are funded to the FBO Settlement Account--shows a separate Worldpay Core activity line item on the Dynamic Payout Dashboard. This Core activity is reported the same day as any eComm activity (including confirmed funding instructions), but is reported based on Activity Date rather than on the Settled Date (as with eComm platform-boarded sub-merchant net settled sales activity).

Therefore, clients with Core processing must expand their search time frame to include the previous business day. For example: if searching on a Monday, search Friday to Monday to show all applicable line items. If searching on a Tuesday, the system displays activity from Saturday to Monday, listed on the Monday date.

About the Dynamic Payout Wallet Projected Available Balance Report

Use the Dynamic Payout Wallet Projected Available Balance Report to get your available balance in your Settlement and Reserve accounts. The balance includes inter-day draw-down Funding Instructions submitted but not yet cleared, including Fast Access funding. The report provides current balance information; no unnecessary math! No need to work hard to keep track of your inter-day available balance, this SSR takes out the guesswork.

This SSR only includes accounts that are relevant to your front-end available balance reporting remaining balances in the settlement and reserve accounts for a specific Dynamic Payout organization.

Timing of Reports and Funding

For many of the reports listed above, the target time for report availability is 1:00 PM ET. While we strive to always meet the target time, the reports may be delayed on occasion. Worldpay will notify you if there are delays in the report generation.

Report availability for SSR reports supported in Canada is based on Canadian business days.

Since Dynamic Payout uses the ACH network--or the EFT network for Canada--funding takes place one business day after you submit a funding instruction (unless you are utilizing Same Day Funding). In Canada, Payment Facilitators can achieve same-day funding without using the same day funding attribute.

The following example shows the minimum timing:

  • Business Day 1: Process $100 Visa transaction.

  • Business Day 2: $100 clears to FBO Settlement Account and Funding Instruction submitted.

  • Business Day 3: Sub-merchant funds settled into their account.

    In Canada, if on Business Day 3, $100 clears the FBO Settlement Account and Funding Instructions are submitted by 5:00 PM ET, then sub-merchant funds are settled by or on Business Day 3.

The following table provides information on the timing of relevant Dynamic Payout Reports.

SSR Reports Money Movement Timing  

Transaction Type


Report Availability Time


Funding Instructions

Funding Instruction Confirmation Report

Monday - Friday 10:00 AM ET

Shows all Funding Instruction delivered successfully to the bank on the previous business day. These funds should settle to the accounts on the current business day.

In the US, the funds would settle to the accounts on the same business day the Funding Instruction Confirmation Report is received. In Canada, the funds are settled to the accounts on the previous business day.

Bank Rejects/Returns

Funding Reject Report by ACH Return Date
(for U.S. rejects)

Monday - Friday 10:00 AM ET

Shows all returns and rejects reported the previous business day.

Dynamic Payout Reject Report by EFT Return Date
(for Canada rejects)

Available Balance

Dynamic Payout Wallet Projected Available Balance Report

Daily, each hour between 4:00 AM ET and 9:00 PM ET.

Shows all submitted instructions received and accepted based upon the 'As Of Date' field, even though the delivery of some instructions may not have occurred at the time of the report.

Bank Balance

Dynamic Payout FBO Balance Report

Monday - Friday 10:00 AM ET

Shows the bank activity, starting balance and ending balance of the FBO Settlement account for the previous day.

Note: While we allocate and make available Saturday and Sunday's activities sooner than Tuesday (unless Monday is a holiday), Saturday, Sunday, and Monday processing activities are reflected in Tuesday's report.

Funding Instructions

NoC Report by ACH Return Date (US only)

Monday - Friday 10:00 AM ET

Shows all Notices of Change related to Funding Instructions from the previous day.


FBO Settlement Account

The table below lists the timing of money movement to the PayFac FBO Settlement account for each payment type with respect to the activity day. The Funding Instruction Delivery Timing * table shows the timing of Funding Instruction delivery.

FBO Settlement Account Money Movement by Activity Day

Transaction Types

Activity Date

Funds Available in FBO
Settlement Account

Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and Amex

Monday - Thursday

Next business day 8:00 AM ET

Friday - Sunday

Monday 8:00 AM ET or Tuesday 8:00 AM ET (depending upon your configuration; consult your PAM for additional information.)

Direct Debit *

Monday - Thursday

Next Day 9:00 AM ET (for eCommerce PayFac clients)

For Core-boarded PayFac clients, wallet balances are updated earlier, depending on when Worldpay Core notifies Worldpay eCommerce of Net Settled Sales activity from the previous day.


Monday 9:00 AM ET

Saturday and Sunday

Tuesday 9:00 AM ET

* For U.S. Direct Debit processed by the eCommerce platform, not the Worldpay Express Interface.

Funding Instruction Delivery Timing *

Funding Instruction


Settlement Day

Settlement Day

















Saturday and Sunday



*Assuming you use next-day-effective ACH or same-day-effective Canadian EFT Funding Instructions.

Same Day Funding

Not applicable for Canadian Dynamic Payout merchants.

We provide an additional funding instruction submission window that adds the capability of same day funding. This means you can submit funding instruction files before 11:00 AM ET and the funds move the same day. If you miss the 11:00 AM ET cut-off, you can still submit funding instructions prior to 12:30 PM ET, the final cut-off time. This allows you to fund sub-merchants or your own bank account by 5:00 PM ET.

Submissions must also meet the following conditions for same day processing:

  • All transactions, batch or online must be for less than $1,000,000 (single transaction limit).

  • The total disbursement to any sub-merchant cannot exceed $1,000,000 in a single day.

    If you include a transaction over $1,000,000, or multiple transactions to a single entity totaling over $1,000,000, we mark the transactions as same day, but processing takes place next day. Because you set the sameDayFunding flag to true, we assess fees for same day funding. To avoid excess fees, do not attempt to use same day funding for these transactions.

  • We only process same day funding files on non-holiday weekdays (i.e., no weekends or holidays).

  • Batch or Online instructions submitted outside the allowed window are processed as next day funding instructions.

  • You must set the sameDayFunding attribute (of the batchRequest or cnpOnlineRequest) to true.

  • If you miss the submission window with a batch or Online file marked for same day funding, we process it as a normal, next day funded batch or instruction and apply only the normal next day funding fee.

  • In iQ, the Funding Instruction Detail pages contain the Same Day Delivered field with a value of either Yes or No indicating whether the instruction was delivered the same day.

    The Funding Instruction Confirmation SSR report also contains the Same Day Delivered field with a value of either Y or N.


Identify and Resolve Notices of Change (NOCs)


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