Bank Balance: Balance of funds actually settled into the FBO Settlement Account. This is reflected in the SSR Dynamic Payout FBO Settlement Balance Report.

Available Balance: Balance of funds available to use towards sending funding instructions. This balance is a real time balance that is reflected in the SSR Dynamic Payout Wallet Projected Available Balance Report.

Bank Rejects/Returns: When a Funding Instruction (ACH or Canadian EFT) is returned or rejected by either sending or receiving bank. Corresponding funding instructions are be reversed with new transaction.

Activity Date: The date in which the transaction was sent to the network (VI/MC/DI/AX) or financial institution (EC/Funding Instructions).

Bank Settlement Date: Bank business day that funds settle into affected bank account.

Available Date: The day funds are counted towards the available balance.

FBO Settlement Account: Bank account held with RNPLLC (U.S.) or Peoples Bank of Canada (Canada) where payment processing funds settle to and all funding instructions are initiated through. Worldpay reports the balance of your stored value account (also known as a wallet) where funding instruction payouts are issued, or funds added.

Reserve Account: This is the bank account that a Payment Facilitator can use to hold reserves on their merchants. Money moves in and out of this account only through the use of Funding Instruction Credits and Debits. Not applicable for Canadian Payment Facilitators.

Amex Account: Use this to track the amount of American Express Conveyed funds that are available. In general, this account balance shows as a negative. For American Express, this amount and the Available Balance column in the detail table do not match. The data is derived from different sources (for example, bank, American Express conveyed activity, etc.). Not applicable for Canadian merchants.

This tracks the amount RNPLLC has advanced to you in the case of American Express Conveyed if you are a Payment Facilitator for whom RNPLLC conveys Amex transactions (no servicing or settlement) and who uses our Dynamic Payout product to settle funds to your sub-merchants. In these cases, the Payment Facilitator, via a Bank Assignment Letter provided to Amex, instructs Amex to deposit settled funds to RNPLLC. In turn, the Payment Facilitator agrees to disburse those funds, less their fees, to the sub-merchant using the Dynamic Payout product.

As RNPLLC receives the funds from Amex, we make it available to you same-day in your Projected Available Balance. Once confirmed by the bank the next business day, it is also attributed to your FBO Settlement Account.

Operating Account: The funds debited from the PayFac Operating account is the total of Interchange + chargebacks + assessments and Worldpay or RNPLLC fees for Payment Facilitators and merchants processing on the eCommerce platform, or just Worldpay fees, if processing on the Worldpay Core platform. The money movement into the PayFac Settlement account from card and Direct Debit transactions is the Net Settled Sales (i.e., Deposits - Refunds).

Projected Available Balance: This field in the Dynamic Payout Dashboard is the amount of funds that you can issue funding instructions against (per the ‘as-of’ date and time shown). The Projected Available Balance is the sum of the Actual Balance + Pending Funding Instruction Credits - Pending Funding Instruction Debits - Held Funding Instructions +/- Pending Net Settled Sales. The current day’s data in the Account Summary report changes frequently throughout the day due to the receipt of the various transaction data files. Review this amount prior to submitting funding instructions when using the iQ Reporting and Analytics system.


Scheduled Secure Reports (SSR)

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