Schema Differences

The purpose of this guide is to assist merchants processing on the Worldpay eComm platform, when upgrading their systems to newer versions of the cnpAPI schema by providing details about the changes to the schema from V3.0 to the current release. The structure of the document allows you to select your current schema version and quickly determine the schema changes for each newer version, ignoring the older version.

The guide is divided into two sections:

  • Feature Introduction by Schema Version provides a high level overview of the features added in each release of the schema. If no details are provided for a particular released version, there were no new features added in the version. That does not necessarily mean there were no schema changes. In some cases, existing XML structures may have changed, causing the version change, without new elements being added.

  • New and Changed Elements by Schema Version provides information about the specific elements and structures added to the XML schema in each release.

You should use the information in this guide in conjunction with the Worldpay eComm cnpAPI Reference Guide and the schema files to determine your upgrade path.

This document does not provide information about new Response Reason Codes that may have accompanied feature introduction. Please consult the latest Worldpay eComm cnpAPI Reference Guide for a comprehensive list of Response Reason Codes.