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Submitting Transactions to our Hosted Payment Page (HTML Redirect) View Icon for the HTML Redirect Integration Guide
Payment Response View Icon for the Payment Response Guide
Recurring Payments (FuturePay) View Icon for the Recurring Payments Service (FuturePay) Guide
Customising Guide (Standard) View the Customising (Standard) Guide
Customising Guide (Advanced) View Icon for the Customising (Advanced) Guide
Customising Guide (Mobile) online guide View Icon for the Customising Mobile Guide
Test and Go Live View Icon for the Test and Go Live Guide
MasterPass Guide Download the MasterPass PDF Guide
Merchant Interface View Icon for the Merchant Interface Guide
Payments and Orders View Icon for the Payments and Orders Guide
Virtual Terminal (MOTO) View Icon for the Mail Order Telephone Order Payment Service (WorldAccess) Guide
Cardholder Authentication View Icon for the Authentication Guide
Introduction to Fraud - Managing Fraud guide View Icon for the Introduction to Fraud Guide
Fraud Screening - Risk Management Service guide View Icon for the Fraud Screening Guide
Disputed Payments View Icon for the Dispute Management Guide
Merchant Guarantee View Icon for the Merchant Guarantee Guide
PayPal Guide - PayPal payment funds settled to you by PayPal View Icon for the PayPal

XML Direct
Please read before downloading guide

Before integrating with XML Direct, you must prove that your systems are secure and PCI DSS compliant. Proof includes a clean vulnerability scan of your systems and a successful assessment for PCI DSS compliance. XML Direct integrations are only recommended for merchants with high transaction volumes.

You will not need additional PCI DSS compliance if you are:

  • Only using XML Direct to take by Visa payments
  • Taking normal card payments through XML Redirect
    and are not handling card data

To find out more about PCI DSS compliance, see

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XML Direct Guide for Business Gateway Download icon for the XML Direct Guide for Business Gateway
This guide shows you how to create, validate and submit XML Direct orders.
It also shows you what responses you can expect to receive from our payment gateway.

This guide is not designed for merchants who are integrating with a shopping cart that uses the XML Direct method.

Account Login

Login to Merchant Interface to view your orders and payments, process refunds and reconcile your account.

Upgrade Your Account

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