Capture Delay

Capture Delay enables you to specify a delay between the authorisation of a payment and its capture. This can be helpful when determining whether you should fulfil an order since it allows you time to assess a transaction.

When a payment has been delayed in this way, it means that the funds have been reserved by the card issuer, but they will only be transferred:

  • at the end of the delay period when an automatic delay expires, if you are using automatic capture,
  • or, when you manually capture the payment using the Merchant Interface.

If you have Capture Delay enabled (with automatic capture), and you decide not to proceed with an order you must promptly cancel the payment manually with the Merchant Interface.


If a payment is not captured at the time of authorisation, but delayed to a time of your choosing, this enables you to make additional offline checks against the card. You may find this useful in the following circumstances:

  • in helping to prevent fraud. If you believe a transaction to be fraudulent or suspicious for any reason, you have time to check a shopper's credentials/creditworthiness before providing the goods or services
  • in restocking any goods that are not readily available. At authorisation, no money has been taken. When your product is ready to ship you can then capture the shopper's payment using WorldPay functionality
  • in enabling you to cancel (void) a payment before capture, thereby saving you time by avoiding making a refund.

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