This demo gives a detailed instructions of how you can configure your account against fraud using the merchant interface.

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Fraud Screening

The Risk Management service is WorldPay's propriety fraud screening system. It comprises a series of automated risk checks that are applied to each transaction that is processed by the WorldPay payment system. The risk checks are designed to identify transactions that have an elevated risk of fraud. All checks are pre-set by the WorldPay Payment Service and are based on our extensive knowledge and experience of fraud attempts.

All automated risk checks are weighted by the Payment Service. This means that the fraud potential of each transaction is measured by examining a range of data and the final calculation of whether a transaction has an elevated risk of fraud is dependent on a broad spectrum of fraud indicators. If there are indications of fraud, you are informed by a Warning or Caution risk alert. This enables you to investigate and make your own checks about the shopper and order data before shipping. If necessary, you can make the decision not to go ahead with the order. Given the limited capacity there is to review each transaction in detail, this model is designed to save you time and allow you to determine those transactions you need to pay closer attention to.

You should note that the Risk Management service does on occasions block transactions without your interaction. This is where the automated checks indicate that the transaction is fraudulent. When this is the case, a payment status of 'REFUSED' is displayed in the Merchant Interface. Processing does not continue.

The Risk Management service enables you to set up your own referral lists (negative databases) containing certain details (email addresses, cardholder names, IP addresses). You may want to add entries to referral lists when in the course of trading online you encounter shoppers who abuse their card privileges or you suspect are involved in fraud attempts. The criteria that you enter are checked by the Risk Management service each time a shopper makes a payment attempt from your website. If a match is found then the transaction is blocked.

The Risk Management service works with, and enhances other anti-fraud and authentication tools, such as, AVS and CVC and cardholder authentication.

The Risk Management service is constantly updated and new checks are automatically made available to all our merchants with the Risk Management service. Checks include those made on the following:

  • order, shopper and address details
  • inconsistencies in purported and actual location
  • if multiple addresses are used by the same person or card
  • if known fraudulent details are being used
  • payment behaviour and purchase patterns of the shopper when submitting payment details
  • repeat occurrences of order data (for example, credit/debit card number, IP address, shopper email address) over a specified period of time
  • logical patterns in shopper and payment data
  • the number and total amount of payments for a particular credit card or bank account number.

How To Demo

This demo gives a detailed instructions of how you can configure your account against fraud using the merchant interface.

Configure my Account Against Fraud demoConfigure my Account Against Fraud demo


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