This demo gives a detailed instructions of how to respond to a disputed payment using the merchant interface.

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Dispute Management

Disputes sometimes occur when a shopper isn't satisfied with the goods or services you provide.

In most cases, you can negotiate with the shopper and resolve the problem with some standard solutions. For instance you can offer the shopper a refund, or a replacement, repeat the service, or send the goods a second time.

But the use of a card for on-line and other 'cardholder not present' payments means disputes can be different. Companies that provide payment cards are called card issuers. These card issuers offer a series of safeguards to the card holder. This means in some circumstances a card holder who pays with a card and experiences problems can get their money back.

Fraud is another problem that can occur with payment by card. This can occur with lost or stolen cards, or even card data 'phished' (obtained) from a card, such as the card number and CVC code on the back. There may also be data entry errors or other errors that may occur during the payment process.

Online payments occur in a "card holder not present" (CNP) environment.

This means you see no card, no card holder or signature. In a CNP situation, the card holder can take any dispute direct to the card issuer without you being contacted. When a payment is in dispute, WorldPay, the card issuer, and the acquiring bank operate clearly defined and well-established procedures to resolve the dispute. A card holder can dispute a payment up to six months (sometimes longer) after the payment is complete, after the full delivery of the product or service.

These procedures establish whether the money is returned to the card holder.

If a payment is disputed, the card issuer sends you a request for information (RFI) about the sale. You must send any documents or information that supports your side of the dispute.

Remember that even if you have already been paid, and the Card Issuer does not receive your response within an agreed time-scale, or decides against you in favour of the card holder, you are subject to "chargeback". A chargeback is an automatic process that removes funds from your internet merchant bank account and places them in the Card Issuer's account.

The Disputes Management part of the system is designed to help you monitor and process disputed payments that are subject to chargebacks.

How To Demo

This demo gives a detailed instructions of how to respond to a disputed payment using the merchant interface.

How do I Respond to a Disputed Payment demoRespond to a Disputed Payment demo

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