Hosted Payment Page (HTML Redirect) provides a simple but effective method of connecting your online store to WorldPay.

Technical Requirements

To integrate with WorldPay using the Hosted Payment Page service you need:

  • a computer with Internet access
  • a WorldPay Installation ID.

You will be given an Installation ID when you apply for a WorldPay account.

Skills Required

For basic integration you need:

  • knowledge of HTML, including HTML forms.

For more complex integration, such as automated ordering systems or shopping cart functionality, you need:

  • web development expertise, including server side scripting languages.

If you do not have these skills, you may prefer to buy an off-the-shelf shopping cart that integrates with WorldPay, or use the services of a professional web developer.

Note: WorldPay do not provide hosting or shopping cart services. If you need these services, please sign up with a third party provider.


There is nothing to install for Hosted Payment Page service. To integrate with WorldPay, all you need to do is:

  1. Create a purchase token.
  2. Send a test transaction to WorldPay.
  3. Activate your installation.

For more information

Refer to:


Account Login

Login to Merchant Interface to view your orders and payments, process refunds and reconcile your account.

Upgrade Your Account

WorldPay offer a number of Optional Services that you can add to your account.