Payment Response (Callback)

Once a payment has been processed, either through to success or to cancellation, information about that payment is sent to you by using the Payment Response feature. The Payment Response feature posts the payment information from our server to a URL on your server via HTTP(s). This enables you to validate the information, update the order and if required display your own shopper result pages.


If you use Payment Response, you can:

  • get more information about the payment than you would receive in the merchant confirmation email.
  • send the shopper additional information about their order in your own result pages or an order confirmation email.
  • use the information received to trigger actions in your own system.
  • pass your own order variables through our Payment Service and then back to your server.
  • check and validate all the payment data that WorldPay received and processed.
  • examine any available fraud check results, such as those arising from verification of Address, Security Code and Authentication information.
  • maintain any recurring payment agreements.

The Process

The following diagram explains the life cycle of a standard transaction and how the Payment Response feature is used within this process.

Diagram showing the Payment Response Process

  1. Order: The shopper places an online order with the merchant.
  2. Purchase Token: The merchant produces a purchase token containing details about the order, which is then sent along with the shopper's browser to a payment page located on our Payment Service secure serve. The shopper then enters their card details into the payment page and we check these details with the card issuer.
  3. Result Pages: If the card issuer authorise the transaction, or the shopper cancels the payment we will display a result page to the shopper.
  4. Confirmation Email: For successful transactions, we send an email to the merchant and shopper, confirming the details of the transaction.
  5. HTTP(s) Payment message: By enabling Payment Response for your installation, we will also send you a payment message via HTTP(s) to your server. This message contains information about the transaction and can include your own variables.
  6. Shopper response: Upon receiving the HTTP(s) payment message you can usa a server side script to send a response to the shopper's browser via WorldPay.
    Note: If the shopper response fails to display your own result pages to the shopper's browser, then the default pages will be displayed.

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