Connecting to WorldPay

Before you start trading online, you need to connect your online store to WorldPay's secure payment service. We call this process 'integration'.

Once integrated, your store can use WorldPay's secure payment pages to process payments. This means that you can offer multi-currency processing (on application) using any of the payment methods that WorldPay supports to your shoppers.

Details on how to integrate your store to WorldPay's secure payment service, using HTML purchase tokens.
Requirements Integration Examples

Details on how you can send test transactions to the WorldPay Payment Service.

Details on how you request that WorldPay activate your installation.

Details on how you can customise the WorldPay Payment Service, including details about the Payment Response.


Account Login

Login to Merchant Interface to view your orders and payments, process refunds and reconcile your account.

Upgrade Your Account

WorldPay offer a number of Optional Services that you can add to your account.