The pos element contains child elements used to specify information required when submitting authorization, captureGivenAuth, credit, forceCapture, and sale transactions from point of sale terminals.

Parent Elements:

authorization, captureGivenAuth, credit, forceCapture, sale



Child Elements:

capability, entryMode, cardholderId, terminalId, catLevel

Example: pos Structure


  <capability>Capabilty Enumeration</capability>

  <entryMode>Entry Mode Enumeration</entryMode>

  <cardholderId>Cardholder ID Enumeration</cardholderId>


  <catLevel>Capabilty of CAT Terminal</catLevel>


For CAT (Cardholder Activated Terminal) transactions, the capability element must be set to magstripe, the cardholderId element must be set to nopin, and the catLevel element must be set to self service.